Harbor View is a unique community in Fairfax County, VA that is secluded, yet readily accessible. The community is situated in an area rich in history and set in natural beauty. One of the community's many assets is Massey Creek, a navigable waterway with access to the Occoquan and Potomac Rivers.
HVRC is a community-based organization founded by the Harbor View Citizen's Association in the 1970's to protect and maintain the Massey Creek channel and the neighborhood marina. Along with this mandate, HVRC was created to organize recreational and social activities and to act as a "Village Center" for the Harbor View community.
HVRC is an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation as recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia and other governing bodies. HVRC activities are centered around the 5 acre community marina, which is owned by the corporation. Unlike a traditional Civic Association covered by homeowner covenants, the corporation is solely supported through membership dues and usage fees from active members.


A Community is born - Harbor Bay Corporation originally dredges the waterway. Covenants provide for the Maintenance Corporation.

Hurricane Agnes - a sandbar shifts and subsequent siltation damages the waterway.

Citizen's Association begins a study to create a Maintenance Corporation and dredge the waterway. It is decided that the only feasible way to finance the project is by the property owners.

With the overwhelming support of the community, the Citizen's Association creates HVRC to dredge Massey Creek and maintain this valuable asset.

Certificate of Incorporation issues to HVRC by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Initial dredging attempts fail.

Massey Creek becomes impassable to boat traffic except for a window of opportunity on both sides of high tide.

The engineering firm, Chester Environmental, is selected by HVRC to perform dredging survey and obtain necessary permits.

HVRC selects a jet spray method to clear the channel. The vendor AZTEC Company, and this new method of channel maintenance must be approved by various agencies.

After regulatory agencies reject the jet spray method, HRVC pursues traditional dredging alternatives.

Dredging permits are secured.

HVRC membership votes to fund dredging project and commences work immediately. Lake Services of Virginia begins mechanical dredging in January. 
In March, the dredging project is completed. Harbor View has a deep-water channel and marina basin that is navigable to boat traffic.

First phase of marina improvements, including a pump-out station, play area and gazebo, are completed.

Completion of the floating dock 

Establish Web-Site

Install new channel markers for Massey Creek 
The first annual HVRC Harborpalooza is held
Hurricane Lee-floods marina and boat storage area
 Installed Pavillion, Bathrooms, Gazebo, Playground and Marina work boat lift